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  • Version 0.1: 100%
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One student decided to finish the quizzes in every subject.


  • Telltale Games-esque time-based choices


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You are off to a good start. I like that you provide feedback during the scoring phase of each question. 

You may want to consider randomizing the questions. This will extend the usefulness of the game by making it harder to memorize the answers. You would have to edit the pictures for each question to remove the number, but could replace it with dialogue, "You have answered \v[n] of \v[n] questions.  Next question is...".  I received a perfect score so do not know if you provide the number of correct and incorrect answers to players. If not, those are variables you could add and then display at the end of the quiz. 

I created a few mini-games like this in VX Ace a few years ago to study for a certification exam. Here are a some things I did that you may want to consider as you develop this game. First, have a switch for each question that can turn the question 'off ' when answered correctly (this is easier to implement if each question is stored in its own common event). This way you can create another quiz giver event that only asks the missed questions by looping through all questions that are still 'on' until all questions are 'off'.  

Second, you can make the game more exciting and dynamic by implementing consequences to each correct or incorrect answer. For example, I had one really simple mini-game where the player had to lay down bridge pieces to cross a pond to get to a small island with a treasure chest on it. The player would click on a water tile and be asked a question. If they answered correctly, the tile would change to a bridge tile. A wrong answer changed to a broken (unpassable) bridge tile, forcing them to choose an alternate path towards the island. An added stressor was there were only 5 spare bridge pieces. Six incorrect answers would leave them unable to reach the island.

The grammar for the questions and answers looks very good.  The dialogue however needs more work.  You could also reduce the file size by deleting unnecessary audio and graphic files before creating your .zip file.

It's always nice to see other developers using RPG Maker to create educational games. Keep up the good work. 



Thank you for playing and feedback for my game, but I'm really ADHD as well. I made several ideas for months before developing my educational game. I guess I need a writer for my game.